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About Us

The Company

LORD SHIVA INTERNATIONAL was established in 2007 and has been a forerunner in providing world-class Leather and Non-Leather products. Our range includes Equestrian articles, Fashion Bags and Accessories, and various other utility items.

The factory is spread over 10,000 sq. Ft. in an area with a large state-of-the-art infrastructure which includes machinery and equipment that can produce the finest quality products within the stipulated time frame. The company has extremely ambitious plans for expansion that will help us stay ahead of the competition and ensure total customer satisfaction.

Currently, we cover Europe, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand and are working tirelessly to expand to the rest of the world.

"Continuously growing infrastructure, huge manpower, and high-tech backward integration are our strengths which enables us to provide the best service and high-quality products to you at the committed delivery time."

The Promotor

Lord Shiva International is promoted by Mr. Sushil Takru who has been in the ‘Metalware’ industry for the last 25+ years and has the reputation of being a premium supplier of finest quality metal fittings for the equestrian products to most of the leading exports in the city of Kanpur. His knowledge in this field remains unchallenged.

Initially, the focus was on equestrian goods which have, for decades, been using the age-old processes used by traditional craftsmen resulting in a downfall in the industry’s growth and a major part of the business being transferred to other developed countries.

The dearth of quality products from India kindled the desire in Mr. Sushil Takru to set up an industry that could cater to the ever-increasing of demand for these products the world over.

Mr. Sushil Takru leveraged the best of his financial resources and his knowledge of the industry towards building a manufacturing facility for the development of high-quality equestrian products. His efforts solely concentrated on the strength of the three combined effects:

  • Using advanced manufacturing processes while preserving the traditional aspects of the product to meet the everchanging demands of the marketplace.
  • Use of technology suited for faster and more accurate production thereby achieving cost-effective products.
  • Choosing the highest quality raw material to maintain the finest quality.

The factory can boast of a world-class plant and machinery which is vertically integrated for churning out products that meet the expectations of all our customers. Our efforts paid off in form of regular orders from some of the leading wholesalers in Europe, the UK, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. We draw inspiration from our customers who have placed their trust in us and commit ourselves to providing world-class equestrian products in the years to come.

The second phase of expansion included products for the fashion industry with Bags and various other accessories included in the product range.

The Factory

“Quality can only be maintained when we can constantly monitor the complete manufacturing process right from sourcing of raw material to the packing of the final product.”

This is the ideology behind the setting of Lord Shiva International. We understand that it is difficult, if not impossible, to monitor the quality of any of its manufacturing processes are outsourced and so we spared no efforts to install the latest machinery within our premises that would minimize outsourcing of any process and enable us to remain in total control whatsoever. A careful selection of machines ensures that we not only control the quality but also maintain the very critical cost factor and remain competitive enough to generate repeat business.

Another aspect behind the thought process was customer secrecy. With minimal outsourcing, we ensure that the designs, that our customers entrust us with, are safe.

Our Factory Installations

24 Head Embroidery Cum Quilting Machine

A 24-head Embroidery cum Quilting machine that is used to produce sophisticated quilting patterns that helps create products like Saddle Pads, Quilted Rugs, Bags, etc. This is computer-controlled where patterns are created by specialized computer software.

No. of Installations: 01

Single Needle Heavy-Duty Quilting Machine

Another one of our very specialized quilting machines employs only one needle but can create very intricate patterns in quilting. This machine is capable of penetrating up to 300 GSM polyfill or up to 3″ of foam.

No. of Installations: 01

6 Head Embroidery Machine

A sophisticated Embroidery machine capable of creating beautiful embroideries on textile products.

No. of Installations: 01

Plain Quilting Machine

Computerized Plain Quilting has a leading role to play in the production of simple quilted rugs, saddle pads, and any other such product where quilting is required.

No. of Installations: 01

Laser Fabric Cutting Machine

To achieve accuracy in our patterns, we take the help of CAD to design our patterns. This machine uses those patterns to cut fabric with the help of a computer-controlled laser-guided head so as achieve absolute specifications and ensure that our product is technical as we intend it to be.

No. of Installations: 01

CAD Scanning cum Plotting Machine

As indicated above, we use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to design our patterns so that they remain constant throughout. This plotter plots those patterns on plain white paper which is used for fabric cutting either manually or through the Laser cutting machine.

No. of Installations: 01

Laser Etching Machine

One of the major requirements for every customer is Branding. The Laser Etching Machine serves this purpose. Laser Etching can be done on metal components of any product. The final result is both elegant and effective. Any image, however complex, can be etched on the metal part. These include logos as well as images.

No. of Installations: 01

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine

A major portion of our products includes waterproof material. We must ensure that the material we use lives up to the committed levels of waterproofing. To ensure this, every waterproof fabric that we receive is tested for waterproofing capabilities. The Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine does this efficiently.

No. of Installations: 01

Jacquard Tape Looms

Nylon Jacquard Tapes are a very important part of the Branding process. We have a good number of Jacquard Tape Looms to ensure that we can fulfill our requirements.

No. of Installations: 04

Awards & Recognitions

Govt. Recognized Export House

Our Journey towards a successful business began with the company being recognized as an Export House by the Government of India. This was conferred on us in 2015 and since then there has been no looking back.

It encouraged us to invest hugely in manpower and machinery so that we maintain the standards and continue our stride in the right direction.

Certificate of Recognition

Export Excellence Award 2018

In 2018, we received the prestigious Award for Excellence in Exports from the Council for Leather Exports, India securing the Second Position. It was awarded for quality and turnover of exports.

On the left, Mr. Sushil Takru, the Managing Partner can be seen receiving the award from Mr. Satish Mahana, the Minister of State for Industrial Development, Government of India.

Export Excellence Award 2019

Continuing our success story, we won the Prestigious Award the very next year i.e. 2019. This time we bagged the First Position.

Seen on the left is Mr. Sushil Takru, receiving the award from Mr. Siddharth Nath Singh, Cabinet Minister for MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) and Export Promotion, Government of the State of UP.

With the continued support of our customers, we aspire to win more such awards. It not only is a pride for us but also a symbol of the confidence of our customers in us.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Our Design & Development Efforts

Lord Shiva International has always maintained a market edge with its product range. We continuously strive to produce the best products in terms of quality, functionality, and design trend.

To achieve this, we have a team of dedicated craftsmen and designers who work hard to understand the market requirements and then concentrate their efforts to design products that address these requirements.

A strict methodology is adopted for every design process which is as follows:

  • Identify the market needs and trends.
  • Dedicate efforts to identify the best-suited raw material.
  • Conceive a concept that best suits the desired product design.
  • Device best-suited methodology for implementing the concepts.
  • Create a design that conforms to the need and is in sync with the market trend.
  • Make the best use of all in-house facilities to produce the final product.
  • Work in collaboration with customers to test the product and implement changes for improvements.

Our product design team works in collaboration with:

  • Raw material experts choose the right raw material and test them.
  • CAD experts who can devise patterns best suited for the product being developed.
  • Embroidery Department.
  • Quilting Department.
  • Nylon and Jacquard production department.
  • Department for ropes and leads.
  • Stitching Craftsmen.
  • Packaging Department.

All these departments work together in perfect harmony to deliver products.

Efforts are put not only to design our creations but also for our customers who wish to have their specific products designed by us. While designing products for our customers, special care is taken to maintain the design secrecy and branding.

Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

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